EdPAC supports legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly who work to promote, preserve and protect traditional public education.

What is a PAC?

A Political Action Committee, or PAC, is a group of individuals who voluntarily pool their financial resources to support political candidates for elective office who share the group’s interests and concerns about legislative issues. PACs provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in the traditional public policy arena.

Why is EdPAC important?

  • Public education is the keystone of a thriving democracy. A strong system of public education is important to the wellbeing of our commonwealth and nation. It provides fairness, inclusion, and opportunity to every child. EdPAC supports candidates running for the General Assembly who share this vision.
  • Pennsylvania public schools and students are directly impacted by legislation that is developed in Harrisburg. Every year, the General Assembly deliberates proposals that support or limit the work of traditional public schools and local communities that support their school districts. EdPAC funds are used to support candidates running for the General Assembly who believe in the value, understand the needs, and empathize with the concerns of a traditional public education.
  • By joining together with other advocates, we engage and build the networks to make our voice heard. EdPAC’s support helps to build relationships with legislators who shape policy.  Every contribution makes a difference.
  • You can help impact policy decisions regarding public education by supporting EdPAC. Traditional public education, in 500 school districts that educate over 90% of our students in Pennsylvania, is counting on our collective work.
  • EdPAC contributions are used to support candidates running for the General Assembly who continue to be involved and passionate about traditional public education issues. Participation in EdPAC empowers us to have a greater impact on the political process and ensures that our voice is heard.
  • EdPAC is an important tool that allows us, as traditional public education advocates, to expand our visibility within the state capitol. Contributors recognize that campaigns are expensive and that funds raised will assist candidates in their election or re-election efforts. Our resources are pooled in a legal and transparent manner to enable us to participate in the process with a common goal.

Who is EdPAC?

EdPAC’s board of directors includes:

  • Dr. Rich Frerichs, Chair
    Past PSBA President
  • Nathan G. Mains, Secretary/Treasurer
    PSBA Chief Executive Officer
  • John M. Callahan, Assistant Treasurer
    PSBA Chief Advocacy Officer
  • Dr. Art Levinowitz
    Past PSBA President
    School Director, Upper Dublin School District
  • Kathy Swope 
    PSBA Educator in Residence
    Past PSBA President
  • Lisa Longo 
    PSBA Alumni
  • Major Thomas Kerek 
    School Director, Kane Area School District
  • Roberta Marcus
    PSBA Consultant in Residence
    Past PSBA President
  • Stuart Knade 
    PSBA Chief of Legal Services
  • William S. LaCoff
    Past PSBA President
  • Jamie Zuvich 
    Advocacy Manager at PSBA

Mark B. Miller, Founding Chair* in memoriam