EdPAC empowers education advocates to strengthen public education in the commonwealth through its dedication to supporting the election of pro-public education leaders to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Imagine the impact of a pro-public education legislature!

Why EdPAC?

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to accomplish our public education policy goals. Although PACs are not new, we have seen the impact they have on building strong and effective relationships with legislators and we think it’s time for public education to get in on the action! As part of this PAC, you will become a stronger advocate for public education. Together we have strength in our numbers: an amplified voice to achieve our collective education goals. We all have a stake in the success of public schools and their students, and that is why educators support EdPAC – to build a stronger public education system together with one unified message.

What is EdPAC?

EdPAC is a newly formed political action committee whose membership is comprised of school directors, school administrators, parents and public education advocates who want to support state- level candidates that do what’s right for our students and schools.

Pennsylvania school districts are directly impacted by the actions of our elected officials. Every year, the state legislature spends months considering proposed legislation that affects how public schools in the commonwealth are funded and the rules by which they must operate. EdPAC supports those elected officials who promote local control in education, oppose mandates, and support the work of our school districts. EdPAC is organizing the efforts of individual and school district advocates across Pennsylvania, to raise funds for more effective political action, and to make contributions from those funds for the benefit of the candidates that help our students the most.

Imagine the impact we can have together!

How does EdPAC operate?

Many candidates who vote against a pro-public education agenda receive financial support from well-funded political action committees (PACs) whose priorities contradict our pro-public education goals. Without a well-funded PAC with common goals, the public school voice sometimes gets over- looked, and education will continue to face obstacles, restrictions and fewer opportunities for local leadership to guide our children to success. Through the financial support provided by EdPAC, pro-public education leaders will begin to dominate the legislature and more public school policy support will result from the impact EdPAC can make.

For a growing, vibrant economy that leads to good jobs and strong communities, Pennsylvania needs strong public schools. Public schools need a strong PAC.

Imagine the impact of our unified voice through EdPAC!

Who is EdPAC?

EdPAC’s board of directors includes:

  • Jill Dennin, Co-Chair
    School Director
    Boyertown Area School District
  • Rich Frerichs, Co-Chair
    School Director
    Penn Manor School District
  • Nathan G. Mains, Secretary/Treasurer
    PSBA Chief Executive Officer
  • John M. Callahan, Assistant Treasurer
    PSBA Chief Advocacy Officer
  • William S. LaCoff
    PSBA Past President
  • Lisa Longo
    Phoenixville Area School District
  • Ronald Grevera
    Nanicoke School District
  • Carl Moore
    School Solicitor
    Know McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett
  • Vicki Smith
    School Director
    Homer-Center School District
  • Linda Stubits
    School Director
    Nazareth Area School District
  • Travis Waters
    Steelton-Highspire School District