Do PSBA dues pay for EdPAC?

No. By law, our association cannot contribute. Public school advocates must make all political contributions personally and voluntarily.

Who decides which candidates receive EdPAC support?

The EdPAC board, with your help, comprised of present and former school directors and administrators reviews surveys, interviews conducted by contributors, and voting records to determine which candidates have proven to be traditional public education leaders.

May I designate how my contribution is utilized?

Yes, you can designate the candidates’ party affiliation, but not a specific candidate. By law PACs can contribute only to individual candidates.

Does any part of my contribution go toward administration or overhead costs for EdPAC?

No. Every single dollar contributed goes directly to candidates running for the General Assembly.

Can my school district or my business contribute to EdPAC?

No. In accordance with state law, EdPAC can accept contributions only from individuals and other political action committees.

What Does EdPAC Do?

We raise funds from advocates and friends of traditional public schools to contribute to pro-public education legislators. EdPAC, by pooling and targeting contributions, achieves greater results than can be accomplished by individual contributions alone.

Is EdPAC affiliated with a political party?

No. EdPAC is a bipartisan organization that supports those candidates, regardless of political affiliation, who share the concern for traditional public education issues.

How do you define the effectiveness of EdPAC – Will supporters be supplied with success info?

One indicator of past success: historically, over 90% of those candidates supported by EdPAC won their races. Other indicators of our success are shared with contributors in our EdPAC post-election newsletter.

Are you transparent about to whom you contribute? 

The EdPAC website and newsletter show the candidates we have supported. We also comply with state law by filing campaign finance reports with the Department of State.

Are my contributions tax-deductible?

EdPAC contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.